Tamás Szabó
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Engineer in academia and researcher in industry. I have worn two hats all along in my professional career. I have done my PhD studies in computer science while working in industry. I graduated in 2021 from JGU Mainz. My PhD advisor was Sebastian Erdweg, and I was a member of the Programming Languages Research Group. Currently, I work as a staff research engineer at GitHub Next, which is the research division of GitHub exploring the future of software engineering. My professional interests are mostly centered around programming language design and implementation, static analysis, and all things related to (AI-assisted) developer tooling.

Prior to GitHub, I have worked as a principal engineer in the language engineering team of Workday. Even before that, I worked at itemis as a consultant, where I have helped a number of companies build (domain-specific) programming languages, compilers, and IDE tooling in a variety of domains.

I have obtained my B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in computer science from the Technical University of Budapest, where I have worked in the Fault Tolerant Systems Research Group.