Tamás Szabó
personal homepage

I work both as a researcher in academia and as an engineer in industry. On the academia side, I am a PhD candidate in the Programming Languages Research Group of JGU Mainz under the supervision of Sebastian Erdweg. On the industry side, I am a principal engineer at Workday in a team of language and software engineers. We are working on a next generation programming language and its tooling that will empower software development at Workday.

Prior to joining Workday, I have worked in the language engineering team of itemis in Stuttgart. Over the years, we have built a number of domain-specific languages and their accompanying tooling using MPS in various applications domains.

I have obtained my B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in computer science from the Technical University of Budapest, where I have worked in the Fault Tolerant Systems Research Group.

You can find further information on this page about the projects I am involved in, the list of my publications and talks, and you can also take a look at my CV.