Tamás Szabó
personal homepage

I am a PhD student in the Programming Languages Research Group of TU Delft under the supervision of Sebastian Erdweg. I carry out my research work at the company itemis, where I work since 2013, and I am a member of the Language Engineering team in Stuttgart. My supervisor is Markus Völter from the itemis side.

My research mainly focuses on language support for incremental and parallel computations, but I am generally interested in the various aspects of programming language design and implementation; compilers, static analysis, and language workbenches.

I have obtained my B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees from the Technical University of Budapest, where I have worked in the Fault Tolerant Systems Research Group. I maintain long standing collaborations with the group, and I frequently work together ever since with István Ráth.

You can find further information on this page about the projects I am involved in, the list of my publications and talks, and you can also take a look at my CV.

Service and other activities:

  • September 2017: Program committee member of Model-Driven Engineering Tools Challenge (MDETools'17)
  • November 2016: Program committee member of Language Workbench Challenge (LWC'16)
  • October 2016: Attended Dagstuhl seminar about Programming Language Techniques for Incremental and Reactive Computing